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The average commercial drilling speed at the Vankor cluster has increased by 11.5 % in 5 years

During this time, 711 wells have been drilled in the fields of the Vankor cluster.
The drilling division of RN-Vankor, Rosneft's daughter, has increased the average commercial drilling speed at the fields of the Vankor cluster.
This was announced by Rosneft on May 3, 2023.
Drilling performance
Since 2018, the average commercial drilling speed at the Vankor cluster has increased by 11.5% - from 3336 m/art. months to 3721 m/art. months.
Recall that the commercial drilling speed is one of the key indicators reflecting the pace of well construction.
The indicator is measured in meters per machine tool / month and is determined by the ratio of the number of drilled meters to the calendar drilling time, including unproductive time, for example, organizational downtime.
During this time, 711 wells have been drilled in the fields of the Vankor cluster.
In total, about 1,600 wells have been drilled at the Vankor cluster.
High rates of penetration provide comprehensive innovative technological solutions aimed at optimizing the drilling process and improving technical and economic indicators during the construction of wells.
One of them is the Russian SIB telemetry system, which has become an effective replacement for its foreign counterpart:
the system transmits information from the bottom-hole zone of the well to the surface in real time via a wireless electromagnetic channel;
based on the data obtained, the engineer promptly makes a decision on the further wiring of the well, which significantly increases the productivity of the drilling process;
The system is used at the Vankor cluster when drilling the upper sections of production wells.
RN-Vankor is the operator for the implementation of the flagship project of Rosneft Vostok Oil.
Develops the deposits of the Vankor and Payakh clusters located in Eastern Siberia.
Conducts geological exploration (GRR) on 52 subsurface areas in the north of the Krasnoyarsk Territory in the Turukhansky district and the Taimyr Dolgan-Nenets Municipal District of the Krasnoyarsk Territory and in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug.
There are 13 oil and gas fields located on their territory.
The resource base of the project exceeds 6.5 billion tons of premium low-sulfur oil.
Vankor Cluster
The Vankor cluster includes the Vankor, Suzun, Tagul and Lodochnoye deposits.
The Vankorskoye field was put into commercial operation in 2009, even before the announcement of the Vostok Oil project.
Accumulated oil production at the Vankor field exceeded 250 million tons by mid-March 2023.
To transport oil from the fields of the Vankor cluster, the 556 km long Vankor-Purpe oil trunk pipeline (MNP) was built, which connected the Vankor field with the MNP of Transneft.
Within the framework of the Vostok Oil project, the oil of the Vankor cluster, as well as other fields of the project, will be transported to the oil terminal port of North Bay on the eastern shore of the Yenisei Bay near the port of Dixon for further supplies to consumers along the Northern Sea Route (NSR).
The Vankor -Payakha - Bay North MNP with a length of 770 km is currently under construction, is also underway expansion of coastal and berthing infrastructure.
The planned volume of oil transshipment through the oil loading terminal of the port of North Bay:
by 2024 - 30 million tons/year;
by 2030 - up to 100 million tons/year.